Decisions for Christ at Boys camp for orphans, Odessa, Ukraine

27 Jul, 2017 | Ukraine
OM International
The first orphan camp for the summer was a camp for boys (with permission from Dean Eden).


The camp, held in a forested area near Odessa, Ukraine, was for boys aged 12 to 17. A total of 19 boys, from different orphanages, as well as a few from at risk families attended. They formed two separate teams, but came together for devotionals and Bible lessons. Each day the camp started with some exercise, followed by breakfast, and a Bible lesson. After that, the boys were given some practical outdoors survival training, then archery, lunch, some time to prepare a skit for the evening service, sports time and dinner. In the evening we had a time of worship, with singing and sharing from the Word. Afterwards a campfire reflection time lasted until it was time for bed. 


This was not an easy camp, for anyone, me included. Conditions were not comfortable: it was hot, our tents were simply tarpaulins held up by twine and sticks and the food was simple. Did I mention it was hot? Our toilet was a hole in the ground, and our shower was a tarpaulin with no floor - just three feet of grass and dirt. Oh, and by the way, it was extremely hot.. As if this was not enough of a challenge, a stomach virus also plagued the campers.


The boys really seemed to love the experience, however; and for me the true highlight of the week was our camp pastor's, Stefan Van Der Merwe, preaching. Every message was a true gospel presentation, and really drove home to the boys that we are all sinners, and that we desperately need a saviour, and that saviour is our Lord Jesus. I have no doubt that it was this powerful preaching that led six of the boys to make a profession of faith, and commitment to follow Jesus.


Please pray for these boys, that their profession was genuine, and that they have been born again, and are now genuine followers of Jesus Christ. And of course, pray for the other 13 boys, that God would work in their hearts in His perfect timing. I would also encourage any of you who feel the call to go on mission to not deny that call. God will provide for you; you just need to be obedient and follow Him where He leads you.

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