Braiding hair and sharing the Gospel with teens from the War zone

21 Aug, 2017 | Ukraine
Sarina Schroder
A short termer shares about her experience at CAMP LELA for warzone kids:


How to build a relationship if you don’t speak the language? With little kids no problem: just be with them, play with them, but what about teenagers? Speak with them, share with them. Discuss. On the camp for teens from the warzone, we had a fair and I and one other foreign girl decided to do braids. Said-done. During the rest of the week I braided more hair than I ever did before. It was so good! I had time to think what to say … we were not in a hurry, because there was hair to be braided. I had such good conversations about what they liked or not … about the life of the girls, about the bible..

We spoke about Heaven in our last bible lesson of the camp. Our girls were very touched… they couldn't imagine Heaven. So two girls were crying after the lesson. For me language is no reason not to "talk" with these girls. Both had the feeling they were too big sinners so God couldn’t forgive them. And they felt really sorry for all wrong things they ever did. Even though they believed that they would be in Heaven one day, they just couldn't believe that Jesus really purified them. So I went with one girl and another leader with the other girl to the prayer house. She was crying. Over and over again she was asking God to forgive her sins, and to help her not to sin. She prayed. And I was praying (in silence) and then I got the feeling just to pray out loud. Just to send the enemy away. Just to bow down with this girl before the Almighty One. Thanks to new technology I was able to search the verses about love in 1st Corinthians 13 and I showed her in Russian. We hugged, and I knew she had got it. We'll see each other in Heaven.

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