Drink, eat and sleep Elijah, or the road will prove to long ...

23 Aug, 2017 | Ukraine
OM International
A seminar for Pastors who stayed to serve in the warzone in the East of Ukraine


These are real heroes… The ones who serve 24 hours a day and have lived through the unimaginable… Pastors who did not run from the war, but stayed with their flocks, who experienced hiding in basements, who have been persecuted, captured, tortured… When one listens to their stories, our own troubles seems so insignificant.

OM Ukraine has been supporting their ministry, but wanted to do more. So the team organized a seminar where pastors can rest and find an outlet for the permanent stress they serve with.  Their biblical principle was “Drink Elijah, eat and sleep Elijah or the road will prove too long for you”. They were able to organize a day at an aqua park, and after rest and fun the pastors were invited to the seminar.

Some of the feedback received:

“God, in a mighty way renewed us and prepared us during these days for something more”.

“Every day there we feel under strong control and pressure, God gave us a gift through you of bathing us in His love.”

Some mentioned that they could not remember when they last slept so well…

"Such pastors serving in these dangerous circumstances, fighting for the souls of others, also need to be served. God wants His church to be and stay strong! We are thankful to the Lord for giving us this privilege to serve these holy ones of God in this small way," said one team member, Oleg Abaturov.

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