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22 Sep, 2017 | South Asia
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Typical rural village houses in South Asia made from mud and stone and painted with different colours using locally found resources.
Dilkumari*, an elderly woman living in a rural village in South Asia, was unable to speak for weeks until she experienced God's healing. When a team of OM workers went on a short trip to visit their colleagues living in Dilkumari's village, they heard her story.

“Dilkumari is energetic, talkative and well-respected in the village,” expressed one of the OMers to their visiting friends. She caught the attention of the OM team not just because of her standout personality, but because she was the head witch doctor in the community. Many people in the village would come to her for curses, healing and advice. So when she lost her voice for some time, many were surprised she could not bring it back.

“But Dilkumari has been unable to speak for quite some time," explained the OMer. "No one knows how she lost her voice because she was not sick, and it was the first time she has experienced this.”

Another OM worker further explained that they had shared the gospel with her many times, and she had even attended a few of their Bible studies. The four women decided to invite Dilkumari to Bible study that night and prayed for her.

“We prayed and trusted God to heal her so that she can experience God’s love and power for herself,” said one OMer.

The next morning a team member awoke to the sound of an old woman’s voice downstairs. “I went to find out who the voice belonged to, and it was indeed Dilkumari, whom we had prayed for the night before. God had healed her!” she exclaimed. Dilkumari was happy and surprised that she could speak again. She continually told others in the village, “The Christian’s God healed me.”

Although she has heard a lot about Jesus and has now experienced his power through healing, she still refuses to become a believer of Jesus. “She does not want to accept Jesus because she thinks she is too old and it is not necessary for her,” said an OM worker. The team has not lost hope and has noticed that she is slowly understanding. Witchdoctor or not, it is clear to the team that God loves her and will continue to pursue her.

Please join the team in praying for Dilkumari and others like her. Pray that God would soften their hearts and open their ears.

*Name changed

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South Asia

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