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Families on the field

Three families talk about their experiences serving in the Middle East with small children, a special needs son and teenage daughters.

More than a pay check

OM workers in the Arabian Peninsula use their jobs intentionally—as opportunities to develop relationships and share truth with their co-workers in least reached nations.

A baby called Peace

The local leader of OM’s work amongst one persecuted people group tells the story of God’s work in his life.

Too many miracles to count

OM workers in the Arabian Peninsula testify to healing and deliverance miracles amongst Muslims.

Fill and spill: Creating vibrant communities

An OM team in the Arabian Peninsula focuses first on building community and discovers extraordinary results.

A Four-box ministry model

OM’s Arabian Peninsula field leader shares stories of ministry among Gulf Arabs using what he calls a "four-box" model.

Exponential potential

OM is partnering with a multi-organisational initiative to send mission-minded expatriates from the Arabian Peninsula to the least reached people around the globe.

Ten tensions faced by OM workers in the Arabian Peninsula

OM workers in the Arabian Peninsula talk about tensions they encounter as they live, work and serve.

Good tidings of gingerbread men

Radio conversation about gingerbread cookies gives OM worker in the Arabian Peninsula a chance to share the true story of Christmas with local friends.

MENAnews: A 22-hour adventure in faith

OMer's in the Arabian Peninsula set out on a faith adventure with two goals: sleep in a local home and give away a Bible.

Wishing she would find truth

A long-term worker shares truth with women showcasing local handicrafts at a tourist attraction.

Learning a language, making a friend

A long-term worker shares how learning Arabic has impacted her life and friendships in the Arabian Peninsula.

God speaks through thunder and whispers

A long-term worker shares with a local man in the middle of a thunderstorm, discovering his interest in Jesus.

Long-term learners

Long-term workers in the UK embark on a three-week trip across the AP to learn how to pray for workers in the Arab world and...

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