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Crossing the distance online

Jane's Skype conversations with Fariha across the world in Bangladesh helped Fariha learn English while providing an opportunity to share the love of Jesus.

Grateful for employment

OM's training centre in Bangladesh allowed Gopal to learn new skills to rise above other job seekers and apply for good employment options.

Destinies fulfilled in Christ

Thirteen years ago, two families wondered how God would use them to reach a town with no believers. Now, local small groups study God’s Word.

Rejoice—the chicken came back

A Bangladeshi woman sees God answer prayer in an unlikely way. Her new faith teaches her to trust that God hears her.

Armed with knowledge, now less vulnerable

One woman’s risk of exploitation decreased when she learnt to read and write through OM's adult literacy programme in Bangladesh.

From rickshaws to the Gospel

Winning a rickshaw in a race sponsored by the OM sports ministry team in Bangladesh changes Anwar's life and his family's life.

A young girl's struggle

A young girl in Bangladesh finds comfort in education in the midst of tragic circumstances.

Breaking the cycle of poverty

One girl’s dream comes true, as she is now able to go to a village primary school, started by OM.

Not just for Christmas

New believers in the village of Sunkapur have started meeting together regularly to study God's Word.

Head held high

One man’s economic situation in a refugee camp is transformed as he learns practical skills to support himself and his family.

From loss to hope

A Bangladeshi girl experiences a series of terrible losses, yet through local care she learns a skill that brings hope for the future.

God cares for His children

A team leader in Bangladesh has experienced God’s love and plan for salvation, changing him and enriching his marriage and ministry.

Finding the meaning to life

A man thought he understood how life worked until he had a conversation with OM workers in Bangladesh. Then Jesus changed his life.

Getting Robin back on the road

OM team members and former electrical training programme students help a disabled man get back into business after two teenagers steal his motorised rickshaw.

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