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Eavesdropping at the tea stall

One young man hears more than he expected when he stopped to quench his thirst on a hot day.

Opening opportunities for a better future

When Goni was offered the opportunity to learn computer skills, he took it with both hands and has given his family a better future.

So far, yet so near

One young woman was on an OM computer skills course, and found herself improving her English via Skype - halfway round the world.

God takes the time to soften hearts

Working near a refugee camp for one people group in Bangladesh, Zed offers hope and a future for young would-be electricians.

From mourning to joy

One young woman, born into poverty in Bangladesh, experiences God's redeeming power, which changes her life from shame to dignity.

Sharing down the generations

As men come to know God personally, gradually the women and children do also, which enriches entire families and generations in Bangladesh.

'Who cares for me?'

A young fistula patient discovers that God loves her, as He helps turn her life around via OM’s tailoring programme in Bangladesh.

Growing new fellowships in the villages

As villagers in Bangladesh come to know God personally, families join together to praise Him and rejoice together.

‘Yes, you can!’

A young mother learns to read and write at OM Bangladesh’s adult literacy classes, which offers her and her family a hope and future.

Brain challenges in Bangladesh

Bringing international maths enthusiasts to Bangladesh helps students and teachers to find maths fun.

School is not just for me!

One young girl from a poverty-stricken family gets the chance to go to “catch up” school in Bangladesh, and is thrilled.

'God is so real to me!'

One new Bangladeshi believer experiences great joy in combining his faith in God with sport.

Getting to know the God who answers prayer

OM’s refrigeration and air conditioning repair training helps underprivileged people gain a skill and learn about the God who answers prayer.

Tailor training transforms life

One family experiences how learning tailoring can change their lives and circumstances, bringing hope and a future.

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