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Motivated to care

One man is so impacted by his teacher’s care that he returns to the training he had previously quit and subsequently learns about God.

A great reason to celebrate

One man who came to faith at the start of last year enthusiastically celebrates the true meaning of Christmas at the end of 2012.

A God who answers prayer

A woman in OM's tailoring training course learns that God answers prayer.

Living water, opening hearts

Power cuts near the team sewing training centre offer the team an opportunity to share water and God's love in simple ways.

Redeeming the past

One young woman gains new meaning and value through the OM tailoring centre.

Celebrating  40 years in Bangladesh

OM celebrates 40 years of ministry in Bangladesh this month and God’s faithful provision over the years.

Ruby: a jewel in God's crown

A young girl and her brother benefit from the care and love at a children’s club in the slums of Bangladesh.

From building to bananas

After an accident, one Bangladeshi builder finds a new trade, selling bananas, which leads him to a personal relationship with God.

Seven wasted years

In a nation where the right to education cannot be assumed, one 12-year-old boy has gained possibilities he never thought possible.

Unexpected hope through change

A young girl experiences God's people reach out to help in the difficulties of life, and giving her hope, dignity and a skill for life.

Granny goes to school

One older lady not deterred by her poor past achieves her dream of literacy, and now goes to school with her grandchildren!

Measuring up for life

A young guy from Bangladesh didn’t know what to do with his life. When he heard about the OM tailoring programme, things started to change.

My friends sell books for me!

Selling books in Bangladesh can be somewhat hazardous but also surprising.

Test of  speed, testimony of  faith

The sports team in Bangladesh takes the excitement of the Olympics to school children by handing out books in Bangla containing testimonies of godly athletes.

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