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Lifted from shame

A woman's sense of self-esteem lifts when she attends an adult literacy class and attains her dream of learning to read and write.

No fear in death

A man’s peaceful death and his daughter’s bold words bear witness of faith in Christ to their unbelieving neighbours and community.

Climbing the hills of learning

Visiting a village to see an adult literacy class in action was an extraordinary experience for one foreigner.

Hope shines

One young woman is enabled to bring regular income to her family through sewing skills, and she now earns dignity and respect from the community.

Workshops teach students to enjoy maths

Two foreign maths teachers come to Bangladesh with the hope of encouraging students to enjoy maths.

Club is about to start!

Boys’ club, similar to Sunday school, is eagerly anticipated by the boys and helpers alike.

Meat for Christmas

Many Christian families in Bangladesh cannot afford food for community celebrations, so the team helped out during Christmas last year.

More than mere religion

Sami grew up in a poor family in Bangladesh, but discovered the richness of God's Word and His faithfulness.

Keeping the faith

Annon's struggle to stay close to God was rewarded as he studied His Word and learnt to trust Him.

The ‘turn-and-turn-about’ sisters

Whilst one sister sews, the other does the chores—an arrangement made possible through the tailoring classes provided by the team in Bangladesh.

Child brides from the slum

Many young girls in the Bangladesh slum barely have time for a childhood before they get married and cope with family life.

The diligent tailoress

Although older than most of the other students, Pura was determined to make the most of her tailoring training.

Ethnic outreach to the unreached

Early this year, four teams—three men’s teams and one women’s team—travelled to six areas in Bangladesh to reach out to one ethnic group.

Hope in the darkest of places

Through the life and simple witness of Sonia and her believing neighbour, the news of God’s kingdom spreads in a Bangladesh slum.

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