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Intercessory prayer

One cabin on the Riverboat was specially set aside as a prayer room to encourage intercessory prayer at all times.

Power in Togetherness

Riverboat community members took to the city centre for an afternoon and–to their surprise–met people who spoke their heart languages.

Becoming certified agents on OM Riverboat

Disguised in different roles–from rebellious teenagers to homeless people to prostitutes and pimps–community members responsible for the onshore segment of The Agency experience act out...

Beer bottles, confetti and the Gospel of John

As ‘Karneval’ goers flooded the bars, Riverboat community members heading out on the streets to pray.

God had other plans

Christa planned to travel around Europe for fun, but OM mobilised her to instead share Jesus with people in Europe, Turkey and India.

Time for transition

Long-term workers transition from the Near East Field to Germany to serve Syrians and equip churches to reach out to refugees.

Vibrant communities of Jesus followers among immigrants in Germany

OM workers Elsbeth and Josef* are seeing vibrant communities of Jesus followers among least reached immigrants in Germany.

Experiencing vibrant community at TeenStreet

How does TeenStreet, a 25-year-old ministry to youth, fit into OM's new global mission focus?

Reaching out to refugees at TeenStreet

During TeenStreet 2016 a group of 29 people went to a refugee camp in Oldenburg, Germany to share the love of Christ.

“Veni vidi vici” at TeenStreet 2016

Summary of TeenStreet 2016 in Oldenburg, Germany

Transform 2016: Bringing love from the Sunshine State

During a Transform outreach in Germany, a short-term team enjoys God’s provision of good weather as they facilitated outdoor children’s programmes for refugees.

Growing before going

Mosbach, Germany :: New crewmembers participate in OM’s GO Conference in Mosbach, Germany before heading for the ship.

Refugees accept Jesus as Saviour in Germany

OM team leader in Hamburg, where 400-500 refugees arrive daily, shares about meeting two young refugees who hunger to know the truth.

Global Village: An idea from God

In its’ fourth year at TeenStreet, Global Village is an innovative and interactive project that allows teenagers and adults to have a living missions experience.

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