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Life-changing experience in Cairo

On short-termer experiences the amazing kindness, hospitality and care of the local people in the "Love Egypt Outreach".

Short-term trip, long-term impact

Long-term OM worker presents short-term opportunity at a last-minute trip to a missions conference; participants share lasting impact.

Preaching in the pool

A short-term outreach participant has an unlikely opportunity to share the Good News while relaxing in a hotel pool.

The gift that keeps on giving

A miraculous multiplication of gifts in Egypt during Christmas outreach event.

Lessons of faith

Three short-term volunteers spending the summer in North Africa learn life-changing lessons from a Transform outreach.

Washing Egypt with the Word

Local OM worker dreams of distributing two million Bibles in Egypt within five years.

TeenStreet Egypt: Art Zone

TeenStreet Egypt: Art Zone provides space for Egyptian teens to experience God through creativity.

TeenStreet Egypt: Throne room worship

Egyptian teen prays to receive Jesus with words and through pictures during Throne Room, TeenStreet’s evening worship time.

Handmade: TeenStreet Egypt 2015

TeenStreet Egypt combines small groups, worship, art and sports to teach teens that they are God’s own handmade creations.

Restoration of a life through art

Street kids in Egypt experience the process of restoration by transforming old wood into new creations.

Making history with TeenStreet Egypt

History was made as the inaugural TeenStreet in Egypt took place from 31 August – 6 September.

Power of prayer

This collection of testimonies reveals how prayer is transforming lives and communities in Egypt.

Date with Scripture in Egypt

Amidst the turmoil in Egypt, young believers organise a Love March to give out Bibles on the street and in front of the mosque.

Breaking the fear barrier!

An insider describes exciting new opportunities for Christians after Egypt's second revolution.

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