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New opportunities to share Christ with refugees in Greece

Relationships form and opportunities to share Christ follow as OM workers minister to those seeking refuge in Athens and beyond.

Amazing hope in Athens

OM Greece's involvement with refugees is always evolving. This summer the team is able to work in more camps and connect with more people.

Leaving Lesvos

Day after day, OM volunteers staffed transit camps meeting and loving refugees on Lesvos. After roughly nine months, the ministry is closing down.

God at work in refugees

OM worker witnesses a new openness towards God and the Gospel amongst the thousands of refugees on their way to Europe.

Greece – Ancient glory and big hearts

Greece – a land with a glorious past is today faced with many challenges. OM is working with churches, ministering to the Greek and refugees.

One person in the crowd

Churches are the key to continuity in the refugee ministry, states Gabby Markus, director of OM Greece.

Being the glue in Greece and beyond

In the midst of the refugee crisis in Greece, OM country leader says OM acts as ‘the glue,’ doing behind-the-scenes work to bond churches and...

Recognising refugees as people

A long-term worker overseeing refugee relief work on Lesbos describes the people he’s met on the island, the chances he’s had to share his faith...

Waiting with the weary

OM Greece facilitates food distribution and children’s programmes at an Olympic arena in Athens now housing hundreds of refugees a night.

Church in Greece united to serve

Following escalation of the refugee crisis in Greece, Greek and migrant churches unite to serve the refugees passing through the country.

Finding refuge

Beyond providing basic relief items, one OM worker spends time with refugees passing through Greece, listening to their stories and hopes.

Light in the dark on Lesbos

OM partners with a Greek aid organisation to run the only Christian camp on Lesbos, offering help in Jesus' name.

OM Greece on the frontline at sea and on land

OM Greece and partner organisations help Syrians and other refugees as they reach the island of Lesbos from Turkey and disembark from dinghies.

‘We must help these people’

As Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees pour onto the beaches of Lesbos, OM Greece and partner organisations offer water, essential items and, more importantly, hope.

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