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The right to be counted

OM workers in a small town in Guatemala help five unregistered children obtain official papers and be able to go to school.

Blessed to be a blessing

A team from Freedom Climb visits a project of OM Guatemala and is a huge blessing to the team and the families involved.

Glorify God through art

A group of artists brings hope and joy to destitute children and families.

No more tears

Every time they talked, Maria cried when she shared her problems with an OM Guatemala team member. Now, she is free of suffering and abuse.

A new craft

OM Guatemala teaches women participating in Project Rescue a new craft in order to give them more possibilities to provide for themselves.

A small Christmas miracle

God answers the prayers of OM Guatemala and a partnering church with a Christmas celebration for children and families with OM’s Project Rescue.

Free dental clinic

OM Guatemala responds to the situation of members within a poor area, whose poverty and lack of information, lead to bad dental hygiene.

As you have done onto them...

The smiles of children are a great motivation to keep on working for the team members of OM Guatemala.

Teaching values

OM Guatemala visits primary and secondary schools in the country to teach children values and bring them the good news.

Let the children come to me

A dream comes true when OM Guatemala starts a day-care ministry to feed and care for children of families in poverty, while the parents work.

God rewards patience

After years of prayer and patience, God answers the missionaries of OM Guatemala and sends an English teacher to give free classes.

Entering the red zone

With the desire to help those in need, OM Guatemala organises a free medical clinic in a red zone (high-crime) area in Guatemala City.

Hope is rising

Workers committed to bringing God’s love to Eucalipto, Guatemala, are confronted with a sad reality for many living in the community. But hope is rising.

A different way

In an annual OM Guatemala outreach, volunteers are challenged to leave their comfort zone and share God’s love in a different way.

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