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Local volunteers on board Logos Hope make a difference

Logos Hope's Visitor Experience deck creatively engages people with the gospel as local volunteers make the language and cultural barriers obsolete.

Praying for a woman in prostitution

An OM team in Hong Kong listens to the story of a woman in prostitution and offer her comfort and prayers.

Offer myself to the Lord  

A local volunteer provides regular tutorial classes to Pakistani children as part of OM Hong Kong’s regular ministry to immigrants from Pakistan.

There is no return

OM Hong Kong’s Companion Ministry comes alongside sex workers to journey with them towards freedom.

Not just ‘Friday' friends

Every Friday, OM Hong Kong meets Pakistani women and children in neighbourhood parks, in an effort to demonstrate the love of God.

Angels in Hong Kong

OM Hong Kong’s Companion Ministry helps come alongside sex workers to journey with them into freedom.

Reflections on 19 years of leadership

As OM Hong Kong celebrates 25 years, leader Cheuk-chung Lau reflects on the past 19 years and wonders who the next “Joshua” will be.

Yat Lau Yat Fung Yat Mong

Over 300 women work in Yat Lau Yat Fung – one woman, one-room walk-ups. OM works to bring each woman “Yat Mong” – one hope...

Visible, yet unseen

Although immigrants in Hong Kong often find work in service industries, they are often ignored by the local majority. OM finds ways to respond.

Harmful love

An OM Hong Kong worker seeks to help a sex worker recognise blind spots in her life while walking alongside her in Christ’s love.

Seeds of faith

A local volunteer provides regular tutorial classes to Pakistani children and is encouraged by a recent visit.

The challenge of sharing

OM Hong Kong has reached out to South Asian immigrants for more than a year now. One worker shares about the challenges they face.

Companion Ministry brings Christ's mercy

OM attempts to bring Christ’s love to the darkest corners of Sham Shui Po, and to walk with those neglected by society.

Trapped in difficult circumstances

Behind the glow of city lights, a group of people easily go unnoticed—lost sheep in desperate need of the hope of the gospel.

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