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Trained and equipped in Ireland

Through training at OM, Rebecca became more confident sharing Jesus in her home country.

Transformed by love

One Irish family experienced the transforming love of woman at a time.

We ran out of Bibles

OM Ireland journalist Hannah Rueber volunteered for a school programme and witnessed something truly incredible.

Continuing to be a legacy

When OM Ireland's journalist, Hannah Rueber, went to interview a former secretary of George Verwer, she left with a different story than she'd expected.

Move on, move out

A word of encouragement about being mobilised from a native who stayed in-country, yet encourages all to "go into all the world."

Labourers together

Various OM ministries partner with the Irish Evangelistic Band to share the good news at Ireland's National Ploughing Championship.

The right people in the right place at the right time

OM Ireland's Mobilising director shares her thoughts about going "into all the world."

A Woolly Nice Tale

OM Ireland proclaims the true meaning of Christmas in a relevant and exciting way for primary school children and through Irish national television.

Children encouraged to 'Pass the Parcel'

To present the true meaning of Christmas, OM Ireland’s creative arts team performs a multimedia production in schools, churches and community centres around Ireland.

Participants have a plan but rely on God to act

OM Ireland's biggest outreach of the year teaches participants to commit their ways to Him and trust Him to act.

OM Sweden and OM Ireland team up over Easter

OM Sweden joined OM Ireland for outreach over the Easter holiday in Carlow town.

St. Patrick's message still relevant

St. Patrick's Day celebrates the patron saint of Ireland known for bringing Christianity to Ireland. Hundreds of years later, OM Ireland brings the same message.

Teens helping teens

Students from the US show Irish teens what a life with Jesus looks like during a week of outreach in a community school and town...

Camel and donkey preach the gospel to thousands

OM Ireland's two multi-media puppet shows perform over 75 times in schools around Ireland. The gospel message is expected to be heard by thousands.

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