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Stumbling along the way

By utilising short-term teams and partnering with local churches, OM Israel realigns its field focus.

Flower power

Free flowers are an opportunity to share about God's power and love.

Biblical city receives the Hope of Israel outreach team

The Hope of Israel outreach team visits Yoqneam, a biblical city without a church.

Fear, insecurity and a zeal for Jezreel

A zeal for the Jezreel Valley overcomes fear and insecurity.

Ray of hope on the street

OM workers minister to drug addicts and women in prostitution on a Tel Aviv street.

"The hairs on my arms are standing up!"

A Muslim man believes Jesus is the Son of God.

Strategic Worship Outings create chance for connection

An incorrect GPS coordinate leads a worship team to the end of the road, yet God has another route planned.

Ready to grow

OM Israel is asking for more workers to join a team reaching out to Arabs.

Is hallelujah a Jewish or Christian word?

A Jewish man is surprised to learn that hallelujah is a Hebrew word in the Scriptures.

MENAnews: Shared grief opens door to share hope

An unexpected connection on a prayer walk leads to multiple opportunities to share spiritual truth with one Muslim family.

Vibrant communities of Jesus followers in Israel

In a largely unreached nation, where Christians often face persecution, OM comes alongside local churches to see more vibrant communities of Jesus followers established.

Hope of Israel

OM’s Hope of Israel outreach team shares God’s love in Israel by supporting churches, passing out literature, engaging with locals and worshipping in the streets.

The gift of the gospel

In Israel, where multiple languages are spoken, tracts are a helpful tool to overcoming language barriers that could inhibit someone from hearing about Jesus.

Dance speaks louder than words

OM Arts dancers come to Israel and share their art and testimony with locals.

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