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Bringing Christ to the heart of Pisa

A new church in Pisa puts the gospel at the centre of everything and has committed to reaching its neighbours, especially young people and students.

Showing them another way

By providing holistic care and support to victims of human trafficking, OM hopes to lead them to freedom in Christ.

Connecting with kids in Fucecchio

The team in Fucecchio, near Pisa puts on their first English Sports camp after a year of local ministry through an after school programme.

Incarnate 2016

Artists gathered in Italy for Incarnate 2016 with purpose: to pursue the arts while engaging in cross-cultural missions. 

Transform 2016: A refugee’s prayer - An insight into short-term refugee ministry

Meeting Christian refugees praying for European governments made a deep impression on a Transform participant. For another, the term ‘refugee’ got a whole new meaning.

Anti-Trafficking in Italy

The anti-trafficking efforts by OM Italia are developing as they work to involve the local church in this outreach.

International arts festival impacts Italian community

Artists present visual and performing arts during the international art Festival Week hosted by OM Arts International’s Incarnate programme.

What I do have, I give to you

Christian Pilz spent a week in the refugee camp in Idomeni, where 13,000 people camp at the closed border. “What happened to us?” he wonders.

Prophetic art for the people of Isola del Gran Sasso

OM Arts artists participating in the Incarnate programme in Italy create a collaborative piece of prophetic art for the local community.

Artists transform conversations into creativity

Artists participating in the Incarnate training and discipleship programme of OM Arts in Italy are inspired by conversations with locals.

Benvenuto a Incarnate

OM Arts introduces locals from Isola, Italy to Incarnate - a programme teaching artists to work in cross-cultural missions.

Good times and God times

As the OM Transform team share the Gospel with children in Sicily, Italy, they also experience God’s touch in their own lives.

Culturally exposed while exposing Jesus

A new OM Italy team member participates in an English Scout Camp, which brings the Gospel to children and gives her new cultural insight.

Cross-cultural connection

A thriving youth group and an Italian-language event encourage a team from OM Italy during a recent visit to OM’s ministry in Montenegro.

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