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Reviving Korean passion for missions

Since 1975, OM ships have acted as a catalyst in the spiritual awakening of countless Koreans. Since then, thousands of Koreans have served with OM...

Revitalising the youth

From 29 May to 19 August, Logos Hope will visit the Republic of Korea for the first time, motivating young Koreans for Christ.

North & South Korea: Crossing the great divide

Both South Korea and Mongolia are finding ways to help and influence the people of North Korea.

Responding to the message, messenger and community

3,000 people gathered for Mission Korea 2012 to learn more about what God is doing in the world and how they might get involved.

Giving back what they have received

Prayer is a big part of Christianity in Korea, says Gim Su Yong, OM Korea’s Director. He shares his thoughts about Korea’s involvement in missions.

The Father's heart for North Korea

OM South Korean leader desires to communicate God's love to the North and that the true God is very different from the "Great Leader".

Finding a new home in the south

North Koreans escaping to the south suffer many hardships, including adapting to a new culture and fitting into churches. But there is hope.

Love "New Korea"

OM South Korea dreams of a “New Korea”—a unified Korea. They seek to restore refugees to wholeness and develop leaders for future ministries.

Teaching opportunities in Korea

One of South Korea’s leading Christian universities asked OM Korea for help in recruiting teachers for a few of their courses.

Korea-China foundation gathering

The 7 June marked an important event as South Korean churches and organisations met with Chinese delegates for a programme in Korea’s 63 Building.

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