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English as a platform

In Laos, OM workers can use English as a platform to be a consistent Christian presence in a community.

Discipleship in Laos

Young Laotian believers are discipled intentionally by OMers.

Lowering the threshold

OMers in Laos run a coffee shop and work to make it accessible to locals, and especially youth.

Lessons learned while harvesting rice

An OMer works alongside local Lao rice harvesters and learns the importance of community.

Persecuted, not forsaken

A young lady in a small Laotian village is pressured to recant her faith or jeopardize her educational future.

A place to gather young people

OM Laos opens a new book café with the hopes of introducing students and young adults to Jesus through meaningful relationships.

Finding her fit

Dutch ACTer Anika* has found her fit in God's work in Southeast Asia.

Straight to the heart

Despite poor knowledge of the local language, one worker’s message of faith to a women’s group one Sunday cuts straight to the heart.

Part of the challenge

Two members of OM's Asia Challenge Teams build up their lives and ministry, embracing the challenges before them.

A light in the mountains

ACT journeys to a remote village in northern Laos

A typical Sunday

Two workers with OM Laos attend a Lao church every Sunday. Amongst other things, they have learnt to eat frog, squat and dance.

Taking a stand against addiction

OM Laos partners with a Christian drug rehabilitation centre that helps people recover from drug addiction and reintegrate into society.

Jesus in my heart

The domestic worker of OM Laos’ country leader's family shares her faith at a cooking class, surprising other participants.

Endless opportunities

On 22 March about 30 people visited OM Laos' open house, with a number staying longer to talk to members of the team.

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