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House of prayer

As prayer ministries grow in the Near East, one worker speaks into the challenges of leading a regional ministry of prayer.

Crossing the ocean and crossing social protocols

OM workers from Latin America discuss the similarities and differences to Arab culture.

Wildflowers in the desert

Children with disabilities blossom through a community-based rehabilitation programme and teach the women who work with them about unconditional love.

New answers to old prayers

One couple talks about how God has answered 50-year old prayers for the Middle East North Africa region.

Dealing with disappointment on the field

Two workers share their motivation to keep going when they encounter disappointments in ministry.

Hope amidst desperation: How the Syrian War changed OM’s ministry in the Near East

Since the Syrian war began, OM workers have served alongside locals, including Muslim background believers, to spread hope amongst desperate people.

Changing children’s lives

By paying rent for a small school run by a partner church, OM provides education and biblical input to children of displaced families.

Syrian family comes to faith

Driven apart by the Syrian civil war, an extended family experiences miraculous healing and dreams and believes in Jesus.

Telling stories, throwing seeds

Women in the Near East pray and prepare Bible stories to share with local friends through creative opportunities.

Syrians, Somalis and Sudanese

Global crises provide unprecedented opportunities for OM workers to share truth with least-reached people from Syria, Somalia and Sudan.

Arab believers share faith

Eighty Arab believers attend training to learn how to share the Bible with their Muslim neighbours.

Refocus on church planting

When a small team decides to focus more on church planting, God brings people into their lives in unusual ways.

Ministry in the home

One missionary speaks about the challenges of taking someone with a different background into your home.

North Africans prepare to go to Iraq

The OM Near East Field church planting school prepares students to cross cultural and religious boundaries.

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