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A recipe for hospitality

Whether you are visiting a friend or entertaining at home, this recipe for traditional Lebanese Baklawa pastry will be a great asset to express hospitality.

The power of God overcomes

Ahmed sees the power of God overcome sickness and desperation.

Hope restored

The Syria crisis has opened the door for many who would otherwise have had no opportunity to hear the gospel to realise hope in Jesus.

Planting churches in the Near East

Amon, who lives in a Druze village, believes God calls him and his team to be peacemakers amongst the people.

Impacting the Near East

A Transform outreach team of three young people arrive in the Near East with little idea of what the next two weeks will hold.

Muslim man finds Jesus

Every week as a group of 10 friends meet together, Abdul's heart softens and he commits his life to Jesus.

Persecuted brother

Though Ali faces persecution, the Lord pursues Ali through Scripture and the witness and love of the local believers.

30 days in the Middle East

Australian communications intern sees God use tragic circumstances of civil war in Syria to work in the hearts of Kurdish Muslims.

Jesus: the ultimate healer

Social worker shares from the Bible and prays with patients at a hospital in the Near East.

Praying for rain in the desert

James and Lucy connect aspects of the Bedouin lifestyle with stories from the Bible.

Behind the scenes

Lucas says goodbye to his home country, family and everything familiar to serve God in the Arab world.

Learn through play

A kindergarten in the Near East shines Christ's love into the community through play-based learning.

Desiring to live for God: a Kurdish woman’s story

After watching a DVD about Jesus, Layla gives her life to Christ.

Open home, open hearts

Long-term worker Tiffany opens her home to Syrian refugees and witnesses God work in their hearts.

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