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Daily bread in Iraq

Young Iraqi women earn wages baking thousands of loaves of bread at two bakeries built by a local church inside the camps where they live.

Quick start

A women’s team sees dramatic response within four months of starting a new ministry in the Middle East.

Business beyond borders

An OM worker applies business lessons to an increasingly international context.

God calls Syrian refugees to follow Him

Amidst the poverty and brokenness around her, one OM team leader sees God’s grace at work within one Syrian refugee community in the Near East.

Artist in the Arab world

Jacob, who just finished a one-year communications internship in MENA, talks about his experiences with art in the Arab world.

Fishing in the desert

Writer Nicole James joins two women on a ‘fishing’ trip in the Near East and experiences God provide opportunities to share truth with Muslim girls.

Art as advocacy in missions

OM Middle East North Africa hosts an internship programme for writers, designers, photographers and film makers who desire to use art as advocacy in missions.

‘Open up, ancient doors’

One team in the Near East perseveres in an area with no known believers, praying that God will open doors to hearts and lives.

Fluent in ministry and rest

OM Near East invites local partners to a weekend training in Arabic, offering refreshment and seminars about reproducible church-planting strategies.

Mothering in the Middle East

Three women talk about raising their kids on the mission field and the unexpected blessings of teaching them to walk with God.

Toolkit for relationships

An OM worker leads on-field training in people care, which equips ministry workers with the tools needed to thrive on the OM Near East Field.

Why not Iraq?

For OM’s team in Northern Iraq, being called to a new ministry simply meant responding, “Why not?”

Iraqi pastor provides relief with integrity

A local pastor partnering with OM reaches out to displaced Iraqis, providing relief without strings in an atmosphere where many gifts come with conditions.

‘It’s always about the people’

Friends Derek and Josiah, who grew up in OM, talk about their most recent adventure: one year producing videos in the Middle East and North...

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