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Mothering in the Middle East

Three women talk about raising their kids on the mission field and the unexpected blessings of teaching them to walk with God.

Toolkit for relationships

An OM worker leads on-field training in people care, which equips ministry workers with the tools needed to thrive on the OM Near East Field.

Why not Iraq?

For OM’s team in Northern Iraq, being called to a new ministry simply meant responding, “Why not?”

Iraqi pastor provides relief with integrity

A local pastor partnering with OM reaches out to displaced Iraqis, providing relief without strings in an atmosphere where many gifts come with conditions.

‘It’s always about the people’

Friends Derek and Josiah, who grew up in OM, talk about their most recent adventure: one year producing videos in the Middle East and North...

Haven of hope in Syria

OM partner finds young men on the street and offers them jobs and a place to study the Bible.

Free to share

Arab short-term team from the Near East discovers more freedom to talk about Jesus outside their home country.

Painting a place of beauty

Transform short-term team paints apartments for Syrian refugees, provides a small space of beauty amidst overwhelming poverty.

Beating the heat in Iraq

OM funds local partners to provide air coolers and fans for displaced Iraqis during summer’s intense heat.

Training ‘wave riders’ in the Middle East

An OM couple living among Syrian refugees prepares Bible stories and prays for a “tsunami-like movement” of Sunni Arabs to turn to Jesus.

Modelling motherhood

A long-term OM worker partners with a local believer to teach mothers about biblical parenting.

A quilt of stories

Long-term OM worker in the Near East creates a quilt from fabrics she’s gathered from around the world while serving in missions with OM.

Seeing progress

A rural family gains hope after seeing significant improvement in their child with disabilities and accepts a gift of a New Testament.

Listening to speaking

One worker’s relationship with a Muslim girl develops along with her Arabic, from only listening to sharing stories from the Bible.

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