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ZOOM+ 2017: God wants us to write His story

At the end of April, the second ZOOM national mission conference, with 300 participants from over 80 cities and towns, was held in Warsaw, Poland.

Dealing with addiction

Zosia and Monika couldn’t find an addiction therapist within a 60 kilometre radius of their town, so they became therapists themselves.

A dream come true

Over 350 participants from 95 cities, and from more than 20 denominations, celebrate 50 years of OM ministry in Poland.

I can forgive because I was forgiven

God sets a young Polish man free from drugs and enables him to forgive his father who abandoned him.

Care for the forsaken ones

God opens a door in a juvenile correctional home.

A new life without alcohol

Alcoholism in both men and woman is a huge problem in Poland. One young woman decides she’s had enough and turns to Christ.

Strengthening God's underground church

Moner, a third generation believer from Syria, worked as a Christian worker under the protection of a Muslim ambassador from Syria in communist Poland.

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