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Ability follows obedience

A pastor in Paraguay shares why missional living is so important and how obedience is the first step.

How to motivate from Paraguay to the Muslim world

A pastor shares how his experience with OM has led to deeper faith and desire to support the work of spreading the gospel.

Room to grow

OM Paraguay opens a new mobilisation centre in the Chaco region, inspiring more people and churches to get involved with missions.

Mobilisation starts early

A children’s ministry programme in Paraguay comes alongside local churches to teach kids about missions.

Practicing in Paraguay

Newlyweds work and serve in Paraguay, practicing the ministry model they hope to follow in Montenegro next year.

It's possible to go

OM Paraguay uses their Asunción base to expose young people to missions, preparing them to go to the least reached.

No full-time missionaries

The OM team in Asunción, Paraguay, support themselves with various jobs while continuing to grow OM ministries.

Removing the language barrier

By offering English classes to missions-minded Paraguayans, the OM team seeks to eliminate one barrier preventing people from going overseas.

Unfinished work amongst the marginalised

Cancer causes an experienced couple to prematurely end a new ministry among people living with HIV in Paraguay’s second largest city.

Divine appointment

A young man is diagnosed with HIV and gets to know Jesus through a worker of OM Paraguay.

Paraguay: A wide-open door

HIV and AIDS ministry is established in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, in conjunction with OM International and partner organisation AIDSLink International.

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