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Coffee for Christ

A young man in Kosovo shares his fears with an OM worker, who introduces him to the power of Jesus.

Learning to dream

A project supported by OM Balkans provides vocational skills training for youth at risk of dropping out of school.

Broken hearts' melody

Three children from the House of Joy project in Kosovo fall in love with music arts during an Arts Therapy session.

Right place, right time

OM Kosovo delivers supplies of firewood during the winter season, and a visit to one destitute Roma family led to a surprise blessing for another.

A future for Anna

A young woman whose teenage years were ruined by abusive relationships, now finds a pathway through education into the world of work

Little troublemakers? No, science explorers!

Children whose educational progress has been impacted by abuse, discover the wonders of science for the first time.

Mural-making in Kosovo: more than a piece of art

OM Incarnate participants explore the question: can a mural do more than just decorate a wall?

Albulena's story

The trauma of past sexual abuse draws a teenage Balkan girl into prostitution, until a local NGO crosses her path...as told by a member of...

Dresses for Besa

'House of Joy' works with survivors of abuse. Besa was the first woman to enter the project, and now she is opening her own tailoring...

Loving even the prickly people

Luana suffered years of abuse and is now living with her four children in House of Joy, a long-term aftercare program for survivors of abuse.

The Miracle House

Years of sexual abuse in childhood propels one young Balkan woman into a life of prostitution, until a local NGO crosses her path...as told by...

The struggle to keep one girl off the streets

A Balkan teenager seems sure to follow her older sister into a life of crime, until a local NGO crosses her path...as told by a...

A Teacher's tale

Anita from OM Kosovo shares two examples of how teaching local children shows them their importance to God, and can impact their wider family.

Hope, in store

In a country with roughly 30% unemployment, OM Kosovo offers vocational skills to youth at risk to give them a better future.

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