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Woman at the well

During outreach to a Tatar village, the team met a woman at the well and introduced her to Jesus.

Abandoning ruinous traditions

A woman from a least-reached group of people accepted Christ during Discipleship Centre student outreach.

“What shall I do with Buddha now?”

A Discipleship centre student from an unreached people group meets a girl with the same ethnic background and tells to her about salvation.

‘Train our young people!’

OM offers Russians intensive Bible and ministry training, along with opportunities to live among unreached people to share the gospel and plant churches.

Amazing repentance

An OM worker in Russia finds opportunities to share Christ's love with members of the Romani ethnic group.

Finding real love

For the first time, OM Russia organised a camp for children from Central Asian families where kids saw and felt God’s love.

Mission trip outside Russia

A group of Russians participates in an OM Moldova summer outreach for children.

To Russia with love - a Trans-Siberian adventure

A team member from the USA who participated in a short-term trip on the Trans-Siberian railroad across Russia shares her experience.

Trained to be a Channel of Hope

OM Russia hosted and participated in AIDSLink International’s (ALI) Channels of Hope Facilitator Training©.

Seeing hearts, not the disabilities

OM Russia had a great kick-off to the STM summer season by serving in a camp for children with disabilities to hear about Christ.

Anniversary of discipleship ministry

OM Russia celebrated the 10th anniversary of the discipleship ministry.

“I am not worth it to believe in Jesus."

A Dutch team member shares her mission trip experience praying with a man in Siberia.

Reaching the unreached

Discipleship Centre students shared the Gospel with a group of unreached villages during a short-term outreach.

Imprisoned to be free

The story of Yury, who came to Christ in prison.

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