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Bold, Somali believers

Young Somali believers take bold risks in sharing their faith with their families and community.

A Bypass to the heart

Hanna has been working with OM Sweden since 2011, sharing the love of God with those involved in New Age and alternative spirituality.

Learning to love each other

Paul and Vivienne, volunteers from the UK, recently visited a centre for asylum seekers in one of Sweden’s large cities and share about their experiences.

Somali believers meet face to face

In August, 80 Somali believers met outside of Örebro, Sweden, for a week of fellowship, encouragement and teaching. Eight new believers were baptised.

'Trillions of joys'

A disillusioned teen finds joy in the Lord and ministry far from home.

43 years, 4 ships: One thing in common

Recently, more than 70 Scandinavians gathered to commemorate 40+ years of the OM Ships ministry.

Surprise results when young Christians are godly

How a team of young Christians’ actions and love for each other can impact other people.

Hungry for Bibles

Foreigners in Sweden are excited when they see portions of the Bible in their mother tongue at the OM book table.

Second-hand furniture and first-hand love

A local church, with the help of the OM team, starts a café ministry in their second-hand shop in Råslätt, Sweden.

Getting on top of youth work--Underground!

“This place is so important to us,” says one teen about Underground at the community centre in Råslätt. “We have no other place to go.”

Thankful for every day

At 25, Håkan Karlsson was paralysed from the chest down. Ministering to the people of India, his dream, seemed impossible. But God had other plans.

Building bridges to the immigrant 'islands' of Sweden

OM Sweden plans church-planting initiatives in three urban centres.

Sweden: how sweet it is-and how difficult

OM Sweden hosts its first outreach in 17 years.

God lines up divine appointment for lost team

God turns a frustrating situation into one of hope when a lost OM team meets a girl who asks for prayer.

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