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Take these three women

Three Turkish women have discovered the Saviour who loves them through contact with the Bible Correspondence Course in Istanbul, Turkey.

A Bible on the shelf

In 2011, The 1881 Project saw each of the 81 provinces of Turkey engaged with the gospel message over an 18-month period.

Innovation in Istanbul

Through the ups and downs of starting a new team, millennial workers see fruit when they start asking the right question.

A calling confirmed

Turkey is a 'hot-climate' culture, meaning that people are relationship-oriented rather than task-oriented.

'Please come back tomorrow'

An OMer sharing the gospel at a police station in Turkey is asked to return and carry on the conversation.

The long-term short-termer

A woman from the US has cultivated a love for Turkey and OM ministries there, completing over 25 short-term trips in 31 years.

Open hearts in Turkey

Long-term workers in Turkey are seeing openness to the gospel like they haven't in many years. They share some recent stories here.

TACO team touches hearts

The TACO team in Turkey uses creative arts like dance, music, and drama to share the good news with Muslim people groups across the region.

Modern "Acts"

A family in Turkey is impacted by the gospel through contacts with the Bible Correspondence Course.

Sowing among Syrians in Turkey

OM worker joins a new Arabic-speaking ministry among Syrians in Turkey.

Supporting the local church in Turkey

OM teams are supporting Turkish churches as they respond to the changing situation in Turkey.

Delia's story

An Uzbek girl living in Istanbul, Turkey enters into relationship with Jesus after having a dream.

Reaching out to refugees

OM team in Turkey responds to refugee crisis by joining a church-led relief programme.

I give my life to You

A Turkish man gives his life to the Lord after seeing a performance by the Taco Outreach Team.

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