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From Argentina to Africa

Belen, 20, discovers she doesn't need to wait to serve God in missions when He sends her to Africa for six weeks.

The Samaritan woman

During door-to-door ministry in a small village in South Africa, a woman opens up her house.

The Father heart of God

A kids' camp brings healing and forgiveness in the township of Mamelodi.

Dabbling in the office of dreams

For the OM Africa communications and media team, the latest and greatest thing is a duck.

Healed eyes

During an outreach God used the MDT team to intervene for a young girl who went away praising God.

Connecting with God in prayer

During an outreach to Lesotho an MDT team meets an older man during door-to-door ministry and invites him to their daily prayer meeting.

The joy of giving

The children at Meetse Bophelo Centre learn to bless their community through the act of giving.

Missions Discipleship Training in OM

OM has trained thousands of young people into a stronger relationship with Christ and prepared them for the mission field.

Passing on the baton

After leading AIDS Hope for the past 11 years, Nico and Alma hand over the leadership of Meetse a Bophelo centre in Mamelodi.

MDT: A springboard into missions

Missions Discipleship Training in South Africa is not a wasted six months--it's a springboard into your calling, preparing and equipping you for the real deal.

Kids' reading club

Marleen was challenged to create reading curriculum for kids by what she saw while climbing Mount Everest in Nepal.

Kids challenged to share the gospel

The AIDS Hope team encourages children in their afterschool program in Mamelodi to share the gospel with the community.

There's more to life than rugby

For the past two years OM South Africa SportsLink has attended a prestigious rugby tournament to spread the good news to players, coaches and staff.

Playing good sports

OM South Africa SportsLink team enjoys a day of ministry with kids in a development centre.

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