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Food for the body and soul

For the past five years OM Lake Tanganyika has visited the local police station providing for the physical and spiritual needs of those awaiting trial.

Answers for Kapembwa

With the fishing season going poorly in Kapembwa, Zambia, the people want to know why, and to find the answers, they’ve called in a witch...

Discipled, equipped and transformed

A young woman's life is transformed by the love of Jesus shared and displayed through Tabitha Skills Training in Zambia.

Bursting with life

God's vision is unfolding in Mkushi, Zambia as he makes his plans clear to a worker named Mary and blesses the work of the team.

From the classroom to the field

God can accomplish much when learning moves outside the classroom and a mission student serves in Namibia.

Farming with God is changing lives in Zambia

Foundations for Farming is changing lives in Zambia by reaching out with God's truth and practical training.

Milestones and called off engagements

The Good News II School in Mpulungu, Zambia, has grown from 20 students to over 180. Students have grown from the values they learnt.

Compost and dreams

AIDSLink is opening a new care centre in Zambia to teach people living with HIV and AIDS to care for themselves and others.

'They now have hope'

Cecilia dreamt of being able to provide a safe place for at-risk girls. In January 2016 that dream was realised in Hope House.

Honest Boys: boys no longer

Five years ago, seven boys were chosen to be discipled as Honest Boys in Mpulungu, Zambia. They carry the values proudly in their adult lives.

Mapalo to mapalo - blessing to blessing

A young man with a disability finds help at Mercy House and his grandmother finds a way to serve.

Learning to walk with the Lord

Yande learns to walk with the aid of crutches and splints provided by Bethesda Mercy Ministries.

Why me?

How one man who is affected but not infected by HIV is helping his community.

Taking the initiative

Tabitha Initiative in Kabwe, Zambia, gives business training and small loans to vulnerable women, empowering them to start sustainable businesses in their communities.

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