Love it forward at STEP OUT 2015

19 Aug, 2015 | Taiwan
OM International
STEP OUT 2015 Conference in Taiwan
The last week of July, around 100 people from 14 nations gathered in Taipei for OM Taiwan’s STEP OUT 2015 mission conference, followed by outreaches to five countries in East Asia.

“STEP OUT was an amazing experience to meet Christians from all over the world and grow in my relationship with Jesus,” said participant Elisabeth Hu, from France. “The worship time was great. I could imagine heaven with people from all nations standing before God and praising Him forever!”

The main conference speaker OM East Asia Pacific Associate Director Kenneth Bong, from Singapore, presented on the conference theme “Love it forward”. He urged participants to remain in our loving heavenly Father. He talked about God’s desire to gather people from all nations to Himself. Participants heard heartbreaking stories from Asia and were encouraged to be the light to shine in the darkness.  

The interactive session “Perspectives on Missions”, which took place on three consecutive mornings, proved to be a highlight for many participants. Not only did participants take in the message of the speaker, OM Taiwan’s Solomon Tang, but they also presented on practical topics, such as tough questions commonly asked while sharing the Gospel, cross-cultural communications and spiritual opposition.  

The conference also held a variety of workshops to equip the participants for outreach, ranging from training in using practical tools, such as drama and sketch boards, to an introduction of important mission-related topics. For example, the workshop “Channels of Hope” covered basic information on HIV and AIDS and encouraged participants to care for those affected by HIV and AIDS with Christ’s love.

“Mission Practice” was the only workshop held off-site. Participants first received an hour’s training in drama and children’s ministry, and then went to the Taipei City Yongfu Home for the disabled to serve the physically and mentally disabled residents. The team organised a programme for about 70 people and later divided into small groups for activities with the residents.

“I shared the Gospel with four ladies while painting five-colour flowers on their arms,” shared Winnie Leung, from Hong Kong. “It was amazing to see that they all made the decision to receive Jesus after hearing the Gospel!”

Participant Grace Chien, from Taiwan, learnt a lesson on not valuing people superficially. “In God’s eyes, all these disabled people are priceless. From now on, I have decided to look at people with His eyes and to serve with an obedient heart,” she said.

During the STEP OUT night market, the venue hall was arranged into stores simulating those at a Taiwanese night market. Most of the participants enjoyed the local tastes, but stinky tofu was a challenge for participants who were not from Asia.

On the final night, 56 people were commissioned to go on outreaches to Japan, Laos, Nepal, the Philippines and Miao-li, Taiwan. After praying for the participants and taking photos, the coordinators washed the feet of the participants one by one.

Participant Marinus Augostine, from the UK, shared that the ceremony was the most touching moment of the conference for him.

“When it’s actually happening, my eyes began to tear up,” he said. “I didn’t feel at all worthy to have my feet washed, and it was an incredibly humbling and God-created moment in which I felt God saying, ‘I am with you. I don’t need you. I want you! I have brought you here and it is for a reason—to glorify my name where I will lead you!’ In that moment, I felt God’s anointing upon me and the group!”

Praise God for speaking to participants through STEP OUT 2015, and for those who committed to be a light to shine into the darkness. Pray that God continues to equip and guide the participants as they seek to live for Christ in their own contexts.

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