Realising her worth

19 Jan, 2016 | South Asia
A D2G student uses the testimony and gospel sharing methods learned in the classroom.
Priscilla, 17, has been on a long journey with God. She grew up in Kathmandu with her father and three sisters. Her mother died when she was four years old, but her sisters raised her in a Christian home while her father worked to support the family.

“It was hard,” she recalled, “I did many bad things in my youth. If someone told me ‘don’t do this’, I usually would do it.” Alcohol, cigarettes, non-Christian boyfriends...her sisters tried to get her away from these things time and time again.

“I was involved in my church, in the drama group and in the kids ministry,” she shared. “I love children.” She also attended youth camps run by OM. That was her “church life”, but outside of that she was different.

This past year, Priscilla heard about an OM discipleship training programme through some family friends, a 3-month training for young believers. She decided to participate.

“Many teachings here I had heard before, but hearing them again is a refreshment of that knowledge,” Priscilla said. Finally, she understood some of the truths that she knew but had never applied in her life.

“I never had personal time with God before,” she explained, “and I didn’t know how to speak about my faith. In the training I learned how to share my testimony.”

On a three-week outreach in one of the least reached parts of the country, she had the opportunity to live out what she had learned in the first part of the training.

“The outreach was very hard; I cried a lot," she admitted. The transition from city to village food, the homesickness, the many people who were not open to what they had come to share were all challenges, but still she saw God’s work in her own life. She now understood the importance of sharing the Gospel to people who have never heard it before.

“I am glad that I learned how to share my own testimony,” Priscilla said. Now she wants to share about her life and how through [the training] she finally understood God’s forgiveness.

“One teacher took a 1000 NPR (10USD) note and crumpled it together and said, ‘This is not pretty anymore, right? But when you find it, it still has the same worth to you’. That’s how my life, my past, is to Jesus; I did many bad things, but it still has the same worth to Him, and He died for these things to make me clean.”

Having a renewed sense of being God’s beloved daughter, she wants others to know, too, how much they mean to Jesus. What she learned in her training she wants to keep doing and spend her life giving her everything to God.

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