The blind shall see

23 Mar, 2016 | South Asia
Ellyn S
An OM Nepal Community Mobilization Team member passionately shares a key Old Testament story to a group of young listeners as part of his oral bible story ministry in a remote district.
“The believers stopped attending our trainings or church services,” a discouraged OM team member told her supervisor, Bal*, over the phone in May 2015.

She and her teammate were troubled that the work they were trying to start in a remote village in South Asia was not well-received. “Teach those who will listen,” Bal encouraged them. “Continue the ministry even if only a few come.”

For almost four months the two women laboured among anyone who would listen; tutoring at a local school, continuing the church fellowship times, and teaching a few local women about health and hygiene related topics.

Then in September they met a group of nine blind people and began to teach them oral bible stories going through the Old and New Testament. Their purpose was to reveal who God is and what His plan for man is. Among those who could not read for themselves, the women found an audience hungry to listen and hear.

The nine had never heard these stories before and after several weeks they asked the OM women if they had any Braille bibles. A phone call to their supervisor and a search with other OM contacts produced several Braille copies of the Gospels and Romans.

When the nine people received these precious books they studied them for themselves, finally reading God’s word for the first time. Since then three of them have made commitments to follow Christ, and two of them have been baptized.

In a place that seemed so dry and resilient to God’s work, He revealed Himself to those who could not see.

Over 50 people attended a Christmas programme the OM team recently organized, during which they shared about Christ’s birth and the reason he needed to come to earth. Afterwards the team talked with several village leaders and teachers who wanted to know more and who even commented that the programme had been too short.

“The people had never heard the story of Jesus before,” one of the women shared. “They were so happy to hear it and had many more questions they wanted answered.” 

Pray for continued openness in this village and that God would lead the OM team to those whose hearts He is preparing.

Ellyn S. has been living in Asia for the past five years and works as a freelance writer so she can capture stories of what God is doing. She also passionately pursues a love of travel, photography, and new friendships.

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