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09 Feb, 2016 | South Asia
Ellyn S
An OM Nepal Community Mobilization Team member shares a key Old Testament story to a group as part of their oral bible story ministry in a remote district.
“There’s a new believer,” a man told the OM team.

The team had been living in a remote village in the rugged and rough-terrain of a developing country in South Asia. For the past five months they have been tutoring at a school and teaching oral bible stories to a few believers.

There was no other information available about this new Christian other than the name of the area where he lived. For a few days the two OM workers discussed whether they should go look for the man and how they could find him. Finally they decided they had to try, so they packed a few of their things together and began the long hike on narrow roads that clung to the sides of the mountains.

They reached the area they had been told about, and began going door-to-door, asking people if they knew of a Christian there. It took them five hours to hike to the right place, and another two to find the right home; but they finally found Ram*, the man they had heard about.

Ram greeted them warmly and invited them into his house. For the next week, the two OM men lived with Ram and his family, discipling him in his new faith and teaching him the Old and New Testament.

“We see God’s plan throughout the bible,” one member shared. “He is always in control.” The three men spent countless hours studying and discussing God’s word and encouraging Ram in how to pray and spend time alone with God.

At the end of the week, the three parted ways because Ram needed to travel to a major city two days away to meet his sister.  The OM men returned to the village they’d come from.

While Ram stayed with his sister and her family, he used any opportunity to teach them the things he had just learned. There were many questions he could not answer, but his faith in God and the Bible did not waver.

Two weeks later, while Ram and his sister’s family journeyed back to their village, Ram’s brother-in-law prayed to receive Christ as well. The family stopped for a week to visit the OM team, and during that time both the young believers were discipled.

The OM workers were amazed at Ram’s faith and how quickly he used the little he’d learned to teach others. They were thankful for the opportunity to be able to walk alongside this new disciple, and to see him excited to share his faith.

OM teams desire to raise up men and women like Ram; people who will not only allow the training to transform their own lives, but who are passionate about passing on what they learn to others.
*name changed


Ellyn S. grew up as an American overseas in Europe and has continued to pursue her love for travel, writing and photography. She studied creative writing and works as a freelance writer for OM. She is passionate about using her skills to capture moving stories of what God is doing in Asia.

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