Conversation with the car mechanic

16 Feb, 2016 | Arabian Peninsula
Nicole James
The view from the top, in the Arabian Peninsula.  
Photo by Justin Lovett
For four years, Mira* has serviced her car at the same garage. As a long-term OM worker, she constantly looks for open doors to share truth with the people she encounters in everyday situations.

When Mira goes to the garage, she usually speaks to a woman who works there. But on a few occasions, she has also talked to another employee as he took her out to check her car after the mechanic finished. Once, he asked Mira to pray for him because his wife was pregnant.

Knowing he was a Muslim, Mira said, “Of course I can pray for you, but why?”

“I just have a lot of things stressing me out,” he replied.

“Is it because your wife is pregnant?” she asked.

“Yes, because I have to take care of them financially,” he admitted.

“Children are a gift from God,” Mira told him. “If God gives you children, He will give you the ability to take care of them.”

The next time Mira went to the garage it was the day before a major Muslim holiday. The woman wasn’t available, so Mira spoke to the same man again. As they chatted inside the garage, he asked Mira if she was fasting the next day to prepare for the feast.

“No, God hasn’t told me that I need to fast,” she said.

“He didn’t?” the man responded.

“No, I don’t automatically fast,” she explained. “I fast if I want to hear God’s voice clearly about something or if He just tells me I need to fast and pray.”

Her comment sparked a longer conversation about fasting and praying. Finally, the man asked Mira when the Bible was written.

“The Bible was written over many years, but actually I don’t know the exact date because so many people were involved,” she said.

“Many mistakes could come out of the Bible,” he countered, citing the common Islamic belief that the Bible is corrupted.

“No, actually, Jesus lives in us, and I believe the Word of God is unchangeable,” Mira answered. 

As Mira and the mechanic walked out to the car, he asked whether she liked to debate about the Word of God. She told him no and then went home. Thinking about the conversation later though, she realized he had left the door open for future discussions. She also emailed two other workers who used the same garage, encouraging them to ask for that man the next time they took in their cars.

Though simple, the conversation with the car mechanic encouraged Mira. “Over many years, through relationships, God opens the strangest doors,” she said. “We just have to go and talk to them.”

*Name changed

Nicole James is a journalist, ESL teacher, and adventurer. As a writer for OM Middle East North Africa, she’s passionate about publishing the stories of God’s works among the nations, telling people about the wonderful things He is doing in the world.

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