Grateful for employment

09 Mar, 2016 | Bangladesh
OM International
Computer training to equipment the next generation
Every morning in the local market men and women stand waiting to find work as ‘day-labourers’. Often they get hired; sometimes they don’t.

Many people in this area work as subsistence farmers, meaning they farm enough to feed their families, with little extra for sale or trade, and they find other casual labour to supplement incomes.

For those studying for a degree, they know only too well that the supply of graduates far exceeds the available opportunities. The Economist magazine estimates that 47% of graduates are unemployed; a figure that rises as one goes outside the capital city of Dhaka.

Gopal* studied hard for his degree and was delighted to pass. However, like many of his friends, he could not find employment. This was very discouraging, especially because his family had sacrificed to get him through college. Without a job, he had no way to repay them. Gopal noticed that most job advertisements wanted computer competency, but he had never touched a computer before.

Gopal started to learn computing at OM’s training centre. He was determined to do well, because he knew all that depended on it. After successfully completing the three-month course, he applied at a garment company and was able to get the position. OM’s task-oriented training equipped him for his new job, which is completely computer based.

“I am so grateful,” Gopal said. “I can now help my family and no longer be a burden to them. Thank you, OM, for a wonderful three months of training.”

*Name changed.

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