From homeless to hopeful

31 May, 2017 | Central Asia
OM International
Close-up of an old Central Asian woman laughing at the camera
Walking into a women’s shelter in Central Asia, one of the first people that our worker sees is Anna*, as she comes over to give her a big hug. Her face is shining, her health is strong and she is growing in faith daily. But Anna’s life wasn’t always like this.

When the team first came across her on their weekly feeding day, a day set aside to take food to the homeless people of their city and offer shelter to those willing to accept it, Anna was a shivering wet heap in a pile of snow. The harsh conditions had taken a toll on her health and she was close to death.

It was only with the help of their local church fellowship that the team was able to get Anna warm, dry and into a women’s shelter. It was only by God’s grace that her heart was changed. Her health was restored and she began her journey towards knowing Him.

Nearly a year later, she spends her days knitting and sewing small toys to contribute to the income of the shelter. She hands one to our worker with a smile, “a gift for your daughter.” Even now, she remembers that if God hadn’t brought them together that winter’s day, she could have died.

God is the only one who can change people. Praise the Lord for the changes in Anna’s life.

*Name changed

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