'Get out of my brothel!'

27 Jun, 2017 | Central Asia
OM International
A young woman trapped in prostitution gets two new lives - both physically and spiritually
Written by an OM worker in Central Asia.

In a busy Central Asian bazaar, behind a rusted gate is a run-down brothel posing as a guest house. My colleagues and I had been visiting there for over a year, so these days we had no qualms about walking straight through the front door to spend time with our friends inside. It was something we’d done several times before, but today, the brothel owner was not pleased.

“All extra people get out,” she called less than a minute into our visit.

We headed to a nearby café with a couple of the workers, feeling dejected. We had put a lot of time and energy into building those relationships, with the owners as well as the workers, and this felt like a huge step backwards.

Presently, the same woman who had dismissed us entered the café. She came and sat down at our table.

“I’m sorry I had to send you away,” she started, “We’re trying to keep a low profile right now.”

She went on to explain the trouble they’d been having with the police and their struggles in attracting enough clients to turn a profit at this time of year. I was amazed by the trust she showed in sharing with us the intricacies of an industry so often covered up.

By the time she left, the conversation had turned to nail care. She enjoyed getting manicures but felt like her nails weren’t strong enough; maybe she was lacking something in her diet. It was a strange normalcy, as if we were a group of friends catching up after a while apart, not opposing parties, each fundamentally against the work of the other.

The more we can grow healthy relationships with the owners of the brothel, the more we will be able to have contact with the women who work there, and the more opportunities we will have to share with them about hope for a new life--free from both physical and spiritual chains.

Please pray the Lord would give us more opportunities like this one.

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