Two curious Muslim girls

17 May, 2017 | Central Asia
OM International
A group of teenagers praying after meeting with OMs womens team.
“Is this the protestant prayer room?” asked a Muslim girl, eyes wide open. It was hard to tell if she and her friend had entered accidentally or in service of her own curiosity.

“It is,” replied Rob*, who was serving in the prayer room at an international sporting event.

“Oh,” she smiled sheepishly. “But we are Muslims.”

With a deep breath and a prayer to the Lord, Rob decided to engage, “Well did you know that the Koran mentions Jesus?”

“Does it?” She’d actually never read the Koran, neither had her friend. But they were local volunteers and they were Muslim no matter what they had read, knew or believed.

“Yes it’s true,” Rob started explaining about Jesus, and using what he knew was in the Koran as a base, the girls became more curious and engaged in the conversation with interest.

Rob handed them both copies of the Injil or New Testament - known by Muslims to be a Holy book, so that they could continue to learn about Jesus – which they gladly accepted and promised to read. However this wasn’t enough to end their curiosity so before they left, over the course of an hour Rob was able to share the whole gospel story with them as best as he could in their heart language. 

Pray to the Lord that He will give the girls continued curiosity and understanding of what His word means.

*Name changed

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