House of prayer
15-Dec-2017 | Near East

As prayer ministries grow in the Near East, one worker speaks into the challenges of leading a regional ministry of prayer.

English as a platform
13-Dec-2017 | Laos

In Laos, OM workers can use English as a platform to be a consistent Christian presence in a community.

The gospel on the road
12-Dec-2017 | Pakistan

OM hosts an annual outreach, bringing participants together to share the gospel in 12 cities throughout Pakistan's tribal areas and most remote regions.

Stumbling along the way
08-Dec-2017 | Israel

By utilising short-term teams and partnering with local churches, OM Israel realigns its field focus.

Crossing the ocean and crossing social protocols
08-Dec-2017 | Near East

OM workers from Latin America discuss the similarities and differences to Arab culture.

Ministry made of relationships
07-Dec-2017 | Angola

For OMers working in Angola, the key to successful ministry has been time investing in relationships.

'You have given me Jesus in my heart!'
04-Dec-2017 | Moldova

While visiting some of Moldova’s remotest and least-reached villages, a River Adventure outreach team helps young people find hope in Jesus.

Transformed by love
01-Dec-2017 | Ireland

One Irish family experienced the transforming love of God...one woman at a time.

Wildflowers in the desert
30-Nov-2017 | Near East

Children with disabilities blossom through a community-based rehabilitation programme and teach the women who work with them about unconditional love.

Families on the field
30-Nov-2017 | Arabian Peninsula

Three families talk about their experiences serving in the Middle East with small children, a special needs son and teenage daughters.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Finland :: Esa Tuuri has driven the Bus4Life for four years.
Finland :: Inkeri and Suvi at youth festival ’Maata Nakyvissa’ in Turku, Finland.
Finland :: Shaun Rossi sits down for a minute after a church service in Espoo, Finland.
Ireland :: The staff of OM Ireland celebrated 60 years of OM International with Lawrence Tong, May 2017.
Ireland :: The cover of the latest magazine produced by OM Ireland, Pipeline
Central Asia :: A Central Asian woman displays the handicrafts she makes while living in a women’s shelter.
Central Asia :: A local believer distributes food to a homeless woman during a weekly outreach in Central Asia.
Central Asia :: A worker in Central Asia talks to a homeless woman begging on a pedestrian overpass.

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