Games, experiments and Bible stories
17-May-2018 | Romania

OM uses an educational programme called KidsGames to share Bible stories in a public school.

From Argentina to Africa
16-May-2018 | South Africa

Belen, 20, discovers she doesn't need to wait to serve God in missions when He sends her to Africa for six weeks.

Hungry and thirsty for truth  
11-May-2018 | Zimbabwe

Inspired after attending an OM outreach, a pastor returns home to plant churches among a pseudo-Christian group.

Missions mobilisation on tour
10-May-2018 | Argentina

Three OMers take a five-week missions mobilisation tour across Argentina, covering 7,000 km and talking to hundreds of people.

Cricket in...Ukraine?
10-May-2018 | Ukraine

"The door for ministry is wide open to use our gifts," explains OM Ukraine Field Leader Wayne. "In my case, God is using my love...

Discovering Jesus
09-May-2018 | Central Asia

Through community development projects, workers in Central Asia meet people interested in Jesus.

Amazing race: Outreach edition
08-May-2018 | North Africa

10 challenges, 3 people, 0 phones and 1 awesome God.

Visitors from far away
04-May-2018 | Ukraine

International short-term volunteers reach out to an elderly Jewish couple and share comfort from God's Word.

Playing fair
02-May-2018 | Central Asia

OMers in Central Asia model integrity on the playing field and share Jesus with people they meet through sports.

Bringing Christ to the heart of Pisa
01-May-2018 | Italy

A new church in Pisa puts the gospel at the centre of everything and has committed to reaching its neighbours, especially young people and students.

About Features

Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Hungary :: Val Campbell with Pioneers (left) and OMer Jill Hitchcock (right) serve together in OM Hungary’s children’s puppet ministry. The friends have served alongside each other in Hungary for 17 years.
Mexico :: Veracruz, Mexico : Crewmembers visit a church in a village close to Orizaba.
Mexico :: Veracruz, Mexico : Chan Min Kang (South Korea) speaks at a church in a village outside Orizaba.
Mexico :: Veracruz, Mexico : Veracruz, Mexico : Benny Lin (South East Asia) leads training at a creative evangelism workshop.
Mexico :: Veracruz, Mexico : Logos Hope at it’s berth in the shipyard.
Montenegro :: Robbie from OM Montenegro meets a dear Montenegrin friend who now lives in a state-run care home
Montenegro :: The OM team car currently used to transport special needs youngsters to their school in Montenegro.
Albania :: OM Albania disciples and builds relationships with the Roma/Gypsy youth, seeking to share Christ’s love in a variety of ways.

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