Grateful for employment
09-Mar-2016 | Bangladesh

OM's training centre in Bangladesh allowed Gopal to learn new skills to rise above other job seekers and apply for good employment options.

Prayer walks lead to answered prayers
09-Mar-2016 | Japan

Matto Christ Church in Ishikawa prefecture experienced many answers to prayer since they were introduced to prayer walking by an OMer.

Light and love for Bedouin villages
09-Mar-2016 | Near East

Transform team provides children’s programme, conducts English classes and learns how to love Bedouin people in the desert village.

Gleanings from garbage
09-Mar-2016 | Serbia

Christina reflects on lessons learned about valuing people the way Christ did, while cleaning trash and volunteering in a refugee camp in Šid, Serbia.

I can write my name!
09-Mar-2016 | Spain

Zoila Garrido is building relationships with immigrants by teaching them Spanish. Some of them never had the chance to go to school before.

Ready and available
01-Mar-2016 | Near East

First MENA travelling team shares stories from a year of adventures around the Arab world.

Anointed and sent
25-Feb-2016 | Near East

Long-term workers leave Arab world to transition to new opportunity working with the spiritual needs of Syrian refugees in Europe.

Heart for house help
25-Feb-2016 | North Africa

Weekly prayers with cleaning ladies allows long-term worker to build relationships and share Jesus.

Wedding crashing in the Arabian Peninsula
25-Feb-2016 | Arabian Peninsula

OM MENA writer Nicole James experiences Arab hospitality when she accepts a same-day wedding invitation.

Married and ministering together
25-Feb-2016 | Turkey

Newly married couple temporarily in Turkey uses spare time and unexpected opportunities to reach out to refugees.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Saint Vincent & the Grenadines :: Kingstown, St. Vincent and Grenadines : Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker, Lady Straker, Mi-Ae and Director Pil-Hun Park (South Korea) talk in the bookfair.
Barbados :: Bridgetown, Barbados : Crewmembers act out a drama to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.
Malawi :: 655 farmers receiving fertiliser in the Foundations for Farming Project at OM Malawi
Malawi :: 655 farmers receiving fertiliser in the Foundations for Farming Project at OM Malawi
Malawi :: 655 farmers receiving fertiliser in the Foundations for Farming Project at OM Malawi
Poland :: Arek prepares to baptise his mother, Janina,  as one of a group of 4 celebrate 27th August 2017 as Baptism Sunday in public steps of faith in Poland.
Poland :: 27th August 2017 was Baptism Sunday and very special for 4 new believers in Jesus in Poland
Poland :: Renia and Janina are now sisters in faith, celebrating 27th August 2017 as Baptism Sunday when 4 very special new believers, including Janina, made public steps of faith in Poland.

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