God Surprises us
23-Feb-2016 | Taiwan

OM Taiwan recently hosted a short-term team of "golden age" participants from Singapore, and God was certainly with them as they served.

Be more like them
22-Feb-2016 | Serbia

Christina shares about the love between a refugee man and his disabled son, whom she met while volunteering in Šid, Serbia.

Encouraging women
18-Feb-2016 | Argentina

A workshop by the OM team in Córdoba, Argentina gave 25 women new insights on coping with poverty and domestic violence.

A power stronger than addiction
18-Feb-2016 | Moldova

Alcohol tore her family apart, but through turning to God a Moldovan mother finds freedom from addiction and hope of recovering her children.

Gospel in the heart language
16-Feb-2016 | Near East

OM workers Ed and Kim are learning Kurdish in order to reach out to refugees in their heart language.

Known by their love
16-Feb-2016 | North Africa

Couple prepares for mission field by working with international students at home, and shares how God’s love impacts Muslims.

Appreciating the wives
16-Feb-2016 | Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania :: An afternoon of appreciation for local pastors’ wives reminds them of God’s promises for them.

Conversation with the car mechanic
16-Feb-2016 | Arabian Peninsula

By striking up a conversation at the garage, worker finds a car mechanic open to talking about prayer and fasting.

We didn't know
11-Feb-2016 | South Asia

An OM team in South Asia showed a group of women a video that teaches about abortion and God's love for them and their children.

Refreshment on the field
10-Feb-2016 | Near East

Support team leaders use home and creativity to provide a place of refreshment for friends and workers.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Saint Vincent & the Grenadines :: Kingstown, St. Vincent and Grenadines : Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker, Lady Straker, Mi-Ae and Director Pil-Hun Park (South Korea) talk in the bookfair.
Barbados :: Bridgetown, Barbados : Crewmembers act out a drama to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.
Malawi :: 655 farmers receiving fertiliser in the Foundations for Farming Project at OM Malawi
Malawi :: 655 farmers receiving fertiliser in the Foundations for Farming Project at OM Malawi
Malawi :: 655 farmers receiving fertiliser in the Foundations for Farming Project at OM Malawi
Poland :: Arek prepares to baptise his mother, Janina,  as one of a group of 4 celebrate 27th August 2017 as Baptism Sunday in public steps of faith in Poland.
Poland :: 27th August 2017 was Baptism Sunday and very special for 4 new believers in Jesus in Poland
Poland :: Renia and Janina are now sisters in faith, celebrating 27th August 2017 as Baptism Sunday when 4 very special new believers, including Janina, made public steps of faith in Poland.

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