Business beyond borders
11-Dec-2015 | Near East

An OM worker applies business lessons to an increasingly international context.

A woman’s worth
11-Dec-2015 | Arabian Peninsula

Workers on two continents team up to share God’s love with an Arab woman struggling to conceive, telling her she is valuable to God.

A dream come true
09-Dec-2015 | Poland

Over 350 participants from 95 cities, and from more than 20 denominations, celebrate 50 years of OM ministry in Poland.

Good times and God times
08-Dec-2015 | Italy

As the OM Transform team share the Gospel with children in Sicily, Italy, they also experience God’s touch in their own lives.

Finding the answers
01-Dec-2015 | Madagascar

In a university Discovery Bible Study run by OM Madagascar, a student finds the answers he is looking for in the Bible.

A church planter, called from a prison cell
30-Nov-2015 | Moldova

Moldovan OM worker Petru Castraveț talks about his church planting ministry after God’s call reached him in a Romanian prison cell.

Waiting with the weary
27-Nov-2015 | Greece

OM Greece facilitates food distribution and children’s programmes at an Olympic arena in Athens now housing hundreds of refugees a night.

Planting a church? Start with sports
27-Nov-2015 | Zambia

Mwando village along the shores of Lake Tanganyika didn't have a church, but they did have an interest in sports.

Distributing God's love around the clock
23-Nov-2015 | Serbia

In his third update from Serbian/Croatian border, Volker Sachse says that in spite of increasingly difficulties, he can see God’s peace touch local people.

Fishing in the desert
20-Nov-2015 | Near East

Writer Nicole James joins two women on a ‘fishing’ trip in the Near East and experiences God provide opportunities to share truth with Muslim girls.

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Åland Islands :: Esa Tuuri has driven the Bus4Life for four years.
Åland Islands :: Shaun Rossi sits down for a minute after a church service in Espoo, Finland.
Peru :: A Freedom Challenge climber admires the majesty of God’s creation as she treks to Machu Picchu to advocate for freedom from human trafficking on the Salkantay trek. Photo by Garrett N.
Peru :: The Milky Way shines in full display as the women of the Freedom Challenge settle into their tents for the first time on their climb to Machu Picchu on the Salkantay trek. Photo by Garrett N.
Peru :: Women of the Freedom Challenge climbing in Peru to raise, money, awareness and freedom for those affected by human trafficking and slavery. Photo by Garrett N.
France :: Joël, Coach at TeenStreet 2017: ‘unshakeable’
Grenada :: Saint George’s, Grenada : An elderly woman has her eyes tested by one of Logos Hope’s crew.
Grenada :: Saint George’s, Grenada : YeaSel Jo (South Korea) tests the eyes of a staff member at an elderly care home.

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