Coming on the airwaves
05-Sep-2017 | Malawi

A new OM ministry in Malawi is allowing a local man to serve God through creative and performing arts.

Trekking and turning on the light
05-Sep-2017 | Tanzania

The long-running Africa Trek operates one of OM Africa’s primary evangelism ventures.

Answers for Kapembwa
05-Sep-2017 | Zambia

With the fishing season going poorly in Kapembwa, Zambia, the people want to know why, and to find the answers, they’ve called in a witch...

A taste of missions
30-Aug-2017 | Brazil

The short-term missions team at OM Brazil sees a growing number of youth mobilised to share the gospel abroad and motivate churches at home.

Syrians, Somalis and Sudanese
30-Aug-2017 | Near East

Global crises provide unprecedented opportunities for OM workers to share truth with least-reached people from Syria, Somalia and Sudan.

Verily, Veritas
30-Aug-2017 | Malawi

A successful Malawian church planter is digging deeper into biblical discipleship.

Connecting with people and recruiting for missions
30-Aug-2017 | Spain

Transform staff Esther Banzi (South Africa) loves to share the needs in Europe with people from the Global South and see them moving into missions.

Man of many hats
30-Aug-2017 | Tanzania

A pastor and OMer in Tanzania is taking initiative in his quest for community transformation.

Flower power
25-Aug-2017 | Israel

Free flowers are an opportunity to share about God's power and love.

Arab believers share faith
25-Aug-2017 | Near East

Eighty Arab believers attend training to learn how to share the Bible with their Muslim neighbours.

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Features take an in-depth look at life and ministry on the mission field. Here you’ll find stories of how God is changing lives through the work of OM, as well as stories describing the joy and challenge of serving God in missions.


Peru :: A Freedom Challenge climber admires the majesty of God’s creation as she treks to Machu Picchu to advocate for freedom from human trafficking on the Salkantay trek. Photo by Garrett N.
Peru :: The Milky Way shines in full display as the women of the Freedom Challenge settle into their tents for the first time on their climb to Machu Picchu on the Salkantay trek. Photo by Garrett N.
Peru :: Women of the Freedom Challenge climbing in Peru to raise, money, awareness and freedom for those affected by human trafficking and slavery. Photo by Garrett N.
France :: Joël, Coach at TeenStreet 2017: ‘unshakeable’
Grenada :: Saint George’s, Grenada : An elderly woman has her eyes tested by one of Logos Hope’s crew.
Grenada :: Saint George’s, Grenada : YeaSel Jo (South Korea) tests the eyes of a staff member at an elderly care home.
Grenada :: Saint George’s, Grenada : Sue De Villiers (South Africa) reads to a resident of an elderly care home.
Near East :: Street art fills urban spaces in this Middle Eastern city.  Calling all artists: What would you want to say through your art to the masses?

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