No Longer Music in Kosovo

05 Sep, 2011 | Kosovo
Christina Hickman
One of the multiple street performances that the rock band No Longer Music preformed in Kosovo this summer. The OM team was blown away by the boldness of the band and great response to follow the torch thereafter!
Using a mix of music and dramatic effects, No Longer Music, a rock band from the Netherlands, attracted a large crowd in multiple cities during their tour through Kosovo.

Interested in the costumes, fire, heavy beat, and all-around fun atmosphere, hundreds of young people (and a few older folks) flocked to the stage. However, behind the flash and show, the message was clear: a loud, dramatised depiction of Christ’s love through the Gospel. After the show, an invitation was made to follow the torch to the side of the stage if anyone had an interest to know more about Truth and Jesus.

I cringed on the inside when that call was given, and stood quietly as I waited for what the response would be. 

One OMer present described it like this: “Having lived here for three years, I know the usual response to the name of Jesus. I cringed on the inside when that call was given, and stood quietly as I waited for what the response would be. To my shock and excitement, over 200 that were present began to walk, without a single hesitation, towards the side of the stage. The lead singer began to speak of misrepresentations of God and Christ and the amazing love the Father had for each one of them.

"What he did next brought tears to my eyes: he prayed over the loudspeaker for that city to come to faith, in the presence of the police and everyone else gathered in that walk area. It was a beautiful moment; followed by some great conversations!”

 According to its website, “[No Longer Music] NLM was formed in the early 1980’s and has been touring the world ever since. Since its formation, NLM has made its mark through its bold and creative blend of music and theater. In many ways NLM has been and continues to be a refreshing exception to a music scene rarely daring to be different.” For more information, visit and

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