Teams hand out gifts during Ramadan

12 Oct, 2011 | Pakistan
OM International
People from different churches joined together to give out gifts, including literature, for Ramadan to Muslim communities.

During one outreach, some women stopped at a local girls’ school to share the good news, explaining that there is hope for every person. The girls were so excited; they fervently begged the women to give each one a gift. Another team came up against local opposition but were kept safe from the hands of angry people. A breakfast team provided food for neighbours who were observing Ramadan, sharing fruit, dates, offering prayer and the message of hope for life and the future. “Why do you do this?” asked the neighbours. “Because I love my Muslim friends,” was the reply.

Participants received training before the teams went out on outreach. One brother said, “I’m very happy to have the opportunity to participate in this effort to bring the good news to my people even though I’m old and it is difficult for me to go through the streets. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to pray with you”.

The local pastor said, “It is a great blessing for us that you people come to our district with news of God’s love, and your gifts for our neighbours. We are thankful to God that you chose our area. Always you are welcome!”

Two hundred families received God’s message, either by word of mouth, literature or CD. Please pray that these people will grow closer to the living God.

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