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19 Oct, 2011 | South Africa
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During the worlds faith outreach in South Africa, the team spent a lot of time in prayer.
Jasmine* entered OM South Africa’s Missions Discipleship Training programme (MDT) as an alternative to signing an 18-year contract as a medical officer in the Singaporean army. She had thought that the training would be a meaningful way to spend half a year. She soon realised that God had bigger plans for her.

During one of the MDT lectures, Jasmine listened to the list of countries where Christian persecution takes place. Her heart broke, but it wasn’t for one of the top countries on the list, but for the eleventh: Pakistan.

She had always thought it strange when someone said something like: “God spoke clearly to me that I should be a missionary in this country.” She knew it wasn’t as if the map of a country would one day appear on her bedside table, along with a one-way plane ticket and an invitation letter. 

But nevertheless, Jasmine soon learned that God works in amazing ways.

Pakistan was only briefly mentioned in the lecture, but it was enough to trap the thought in her mind. She immediately asked the facilitators about missions work in Pakistan. 

As a child of missionary parents, Jasmine had spent the first three years of her life in Pakistan. But since then, the country has just been a distant memory. Now, though, she found herself desperate to return, even if only for a short trip.

Jasmine dealt with conflicting emotions. She broke down in tears as she explained her inner confusion to a friend.

She could clearly see that God had ignited an inner yearning to rediscover the land of her childhood, but at the same time she was not ready to entertain the thought that God might be calling her. 

She could clearly see that God had ignited an inner yearning to rediscover the land of her childhood, but at the same time she was not ready to entertain the thought that God might be calling her. 

She had gone through so many transitions growing up; now, for the first time in her life, she felt she finally had control over her future. There is no way I’m going to even think about uprooting and moving again! thought Jasmine. 

She was not ready to say, “God, send me!” Instead, she begged, “Not now, please! Even if it is Your will, please clarify yourself later.”

Two weeks later Jasmine participated in MDT’s World Faiths Outreach to Laudium, a township near Pretoria. Each team was assigned a country to pray for, and out of the 196 countries to choose from, her group was assigned to pray for Pakistan. 

Throughout the outreach, they met many Pakistani families living in the township, and Jasmine’s heart skipped a beat whenever she spoke with them.

She realised that she was extremely passionate about the people of Pakistan. She even bought a book to teach herself Urdu and proudly kept it with her at all times. 

One morning, she had a sudden revelation: Christianity was all about radicalism—a radical God, offering radical salvation, which brings radical transformation for radial freedom. 

She realised that her response should be radical surrender, radical faith and pursuing the radical commandment of global missions, while showing radical love.

“I can’t say I’m a Christian when I am not radical—that is the very nature of everything about God,” Jasmine said. 

“That afternoon, I made the biggest commitment in my life. I scribbled, ‘Lord, use me.’ I underlined it, signed it and put a date next to it. I told God I was ready to be used by Him, in plans that are spectacular or minute, in five years’ time or 20 years’ time, in Hong Kong, South Africa or Pakistan.

“It is an honour to respond to the calling of my Heavenly King.”


*Name changed

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