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17 Nov, 2011 | Kosovo
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Making jams to sell is a successful venture for one poor Kosovar family,who have been trained in micro-business by OM Kosovo.
Klara and Einar of OM Kosovo's Peja Team are micro-business developers. When Klara’s Albanian friend, Fatmira, gave her a beautiful handmade hat, Klara saw a business opportunity for her.

Now Fatmira has made over 200 hats and exported them to Ecuador, U.S. and Spain; three more local women are also involved in their manufacture. Soon a little hat shop will open in town.

Fatmira’s husband, Georghi, can only get low-paid seasonal work, so they’re still not enough money to support them and their three children. Klara and Einar also trained Georghi in starting and running a micro-business so that the couple could work together year round.

Both couples thought hard to come up with a new venture for Fatmira and Georghi. They were feeling very discouraged when, according to Klara, God gave them the idea of starting a project making jam. Now Fatmira and Georghi make different jams and sell them successfully.

"All my life I have been asking God why I can’t make anything work out well, why all my life is a failure," cried Fatmira. "But now I am sure that He is answering my questions. He is with us—it is simply a miracle that my micro-business is working!"

Klara has had opportunities to share the truth of God with this couple. Fatmira is especially open to starting a relationship with Jesus as her Saviour and Lord. Pray that God would meet her spiritual needs too.

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