Op-ed articles written by OM leaders on various global mission/Christian issues or topics

The honour of connection
09-Mar-2018 | International

"How can we honour these 'mothers and fathers' [of OM]," asks David Greenlee. "Inclusion is one way, encouraging their ongoing participation, not forgetting them in our concern."

Changing the trajectory
11-Jan-2018 | International

"Today’s stark reality is that more than 2.8 billion people have not heard this message of hope and transformation—and 57,000 people are added to this number daily. When I heard this, I was deeply impacted, and resolved that I want to be part of changing that trajectory."

Keeping our goals as the priority
14-Dec-2017 | International

"If we are serious about planting churches among the least reached as how we do mission, we must always be willing to question, reconsider and reform our paradigms," says Shaun Rossi.

When caring for the needy means us
01-Nov-2017 | International

"In order to fulfil our mandate, there are several needs we must invest in," says Stephan Bauer.

Polarity: Do we have to choose?
03-Oct-2017 | International

"These same questions keep popping up not because we have not developed satisfactory answers, but because there is no one clear answer to begin with," shares Su-Ling Ng.

Happiness, the least reached and the Global South
25-Aug-2017 | International

"More than anything else in our mobilisation activities (strategy, finance, people, knowledge), we need God," says Julio Moromisato.

Inner freedom
04-Aug-2017 | International

OM Associate International Director Viv Thomas discusses why freedom in Christ is so important and about how to cultivate that freedom.

Then the world will know
27-Jun-2017 | International

"How can we BE a vibrant community, resilient and fruitful in ministry?" asks Marijke Kuo. The answer, she says, lies with people care.

The Power and beauty of the simple
26-May-2017 | International

"Simple is often strong," says Seang Pin Saw, who explains why the Global South Initiative is moving towards simplicity in ministry.

The Arts and church planting: an act of creating beauty
03-May-2017 | International

"Engaging in planting vibrant communities of Jesus followers is an act of proliferating beauty," says Bill Drake.

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